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Selahy (My Weapon) a short narrative film that takes place in war-torn Yemen and follows a young hard of hearing girl, Saleemah who has one major love in this world; her camera which her brother Aqeel introduced her to. Aqeel, works as a news reporter and is unable to take her out to film because he is preoccupied covering the war. Frustrated, Saleemah wanders out of the house during an impending air strike. To make matters worse, she loses her hearing aids.

My family and I were evacuated from the crisis in Yemen and being hard of hearing, I felt that it is important for me to show the perspective of all the innocent children who are suffering from the war. This film is a universal story that can relate to any country who has experienced the ravages of war, through the perspective and lens of a girl who is hard of hearing.



Alaa Zabara

Alaa Zabara is an independent Yemeni-American filmmaker based in Virginia. Drawn to the power of photographs from an early age, Alaa became attracted by the ability of cinema to change the hearts and minds of an audience. The driving passion behind Alaa’s work is to highlight the stories that need to be told and to amplify the voices of the voiceless. Alaa’s past films have addressed themes such as social justice, racism, and feminism and have premiered at the Global Impact Film Festival and The Rehoboth Film Society.


Pierre Bagley

Pierre Bagley is a writer, producer and director most widely known for his 2014 theatrically released motion picture, “From the Rough,” starring Academy Award nominees, Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile), and British actor Tom Felton (Harry Potter). He guided the project from development to production in less than six months, and raised over $7.5 million in production financing.

In 2014, Vincent C. Gray, Mayor of Washington, DC, appointed Pierre to cabinet level position of Director, Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. Currently, Pierre is in development on numerous feature films and television projects, while also consulting for an eclectic group of clients including civil human rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, and Gensler, the world’s largest design and architectural firm.

Director of Photography

Naji Salameh


Brittney Flores

Production and Custom Design

Mariam Najjar



We make films because we want to make change in the world, even if those changes are small. We’ve chosen the medium of film to communicate our message because we believe it’s the most powerful way to share these ideas.

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